USCGC Mellon (WHEC-717)

2016 Fleet Week,  USCGC Mellon (WHEC 717)  High Endurance Cutter,@ San Francisco, CA

October 2016

USCGC Mellon is a United States Coast Guard Hamilton-class high endurance cutter based out of Seattle, Washington that sailed down to participate in the Fleet Week Parade of Ships.  Mellon was modernized from 1985 to 1989 and was the first and only USCG cutter to be fitted with the Harpoon missile, and a anti-submarine warfare suite including Mark 46 torpedoes.  The ASW and Harpoon capabilities were later removed due to fiscal constraints.  She was named for Andrew W. Mellon, the 49th U.S. Secretary of the Treasury from 1921-1932 and launched on 11 February 1967.  Nikon D500 w/80-400mm, processed with Aperture.



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